The Citizen’s Association “Design Week”

is a non-profit private initiative of citizens aimed to encourage the education and reeducation in the field of design and creative industries by inviting the most relevant professionals to participate the international conference, organizing workshops for professionals and students and panels and round tables for experts, co-producing and bringing important international exhibitions. Belgrade Design Week festival was initiated and founded in 2006 by the Citizen’s Association “Design Week”, and since then it is responsible for it’s program concept and organization. BDW tends to connect the creative industries and the world of business without bias, and support Serbia’s and South East Europe’s regional creative development, partnering with both the private and public sectors from all over the world.

Our mission

is to promote and encourage the development of design and creative
industries in Serbia, through education programs such as the international conferencie, panels, workshops,
business forums, projects of functional application in everyday life and projects which promote Serbian design.
BDW is a connection between creative industries and business world, between global scene and regional impulsion,
between private sector and the government administration and between children, pupils, students and the greatest
and most innovative design experts in the field of design and creative industries.

Our vision

is to contribute to the development of consciousness and to
encourage the progress of a society of knowledge. Establishing of a Design Museum and a Centre for Development of
design thinking in Serbia would be the proper way to institutionalise this. Our vision is also to widen the extent
of our existing ten-day festival into a more complex, year long continuous action, with BDW’s role of being the
premier one stop partner for developing the idea of design – thinking in SEE, which would, in cooperation with
regional centres and leading global institutions, have the capacity to continuously help the development of all
areas of Serbian and regional creative industries, and therefore would become the partner of leading European
institutes for development of design and innovation.

Our vision for the
“100 Creative BDW Playgrounds for Children of Serbia” project

Our vision for the “100 Creative BDW Playgrounds for Children of Serbia” project stems from
the basic vision and mission to apply design-thinking in all aspects of our daily needs as society – in this case in
creating playgrounds for children which are safer and more beautiful for playing. Equally important, to
introduce design to children from the early childhood, which has a function to improve motor skills, follow
up children’s needs and develop their creativity through game. Our vision is to produce 100 of these playgrounds
in Serbia, designed and manufactured according to highest European standards.

The project “100 Creative BDW Playgrounds for Children of Serbia” promotes Common
objectives of the European Union (The Lisbon Agenda 2020):


The project also promotes:

The general objective of the “Design Week” association

from its establishment, was the promotion and encouragement of
design development through creation of meeting points and creating a framework for education and cultural exchange
between global creative leaders and a domestic audience within the region of Southeast Europe, in the form of an
international conferences, workshops and exhibitions, as well as through application of design and innovation in
various social projects such as nationwide competitions and creative playgrounds for children, with a strong
media dissemination emphasise and own archive and documentation production, in order to raise the consciousness
of the widest possible audience about design and support the creation of «the society of knowledge».

Individual goals are: